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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty

Use the test scores below.
81 70 73 89 68 79 91 59 77 73 80 75 88 65 82 94 77 67 82

What is a histogram of the data that uses intervals of 10?



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Video Transcript

this question asks us to determine the frequency by using intervals of 10. We know that we have our table go all the way up till six. And we know we have frequency measuring our data points on the X axis. So frequencies of 10. That means we're looking from 59 to 69. Been to 79 than 2 89 then 2 99 Okay. From 59 to 69. We know we have a frequency of four data points from 69 to 79. We know we have six. We know we have six again for this interval, and then we have three. So as you can see this, Hester Graham is almost uniform.