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Problem 25 Easy Difficulty

Use the test scores below.
81 70 73 89 68 79 91 59 77 73 80 75 88 65 82 94 77 67 82
What is a histogram of the data that uses intervals of 20?


Answers may vary. Sample:


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Video Transcript

this question asks us to make a history of the data. We know that we're measuring in terms of twenties, but that's our intervals. So we know we have from 59 to 79 then adding a number 20 we get 79 post 20 is 99. Then we know our frequency goes all the way up, told 10. So we can say this is nine. And then obviously this is zero right over here. So we know from 59 to 79 we have 10 data points, then we only have nine data points remaining between 79 99.