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Problem 23 Medium Difficulty

Use the test scores below.
81 70 73 89 68 79 91 59 77 73 80 75 88 65 82 94 77 67 82
What is a histogram of the data that uses intervals of 5?


Answers may vary. Sample:


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Video Transcript

this question asked us to make a history. Um, we know we're going to be measuring a frequency diagram. Therefore, on the X axis we know we have our data points, which are not actually named. And then on the Y axis, we have frequency. So we know our frequency. We can go up to five, and then we know that we have. They've said intervals of five. So this is 59. This is 64 then this is 69. This is 74. This is 79. This is 84. This is 89 and then this is 94. Now we know we have a frequency of three for or so I won for these data points, there's only one number between 59. 64. We then? No. We have frequencies of three in a row. Come then. We know we have a frequency of our maximum frequency, which is gonna be five. We know we don't have one is our frequency again. And then we have a frequency of two