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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

Use the transformation and parallelogram $R$ in Exercise 4 to evaluate the integral
$$\iint_{R} 2(x-y) d x d y$$


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Video Transcript

So for this question, women know is we gusto One minus X and we're gonna transform. This is grow over the region or two, an integral with respect to you And be by this relation, we can see that physically transformed, minus to be times the Jake Open. Do you, Devi? And then let's call the transfer the region G and from the exits four. We know that the region is actually given by a parallelogram, which is you plus three recalls to three and you plus three. Really? Because zero be zeroing the vehicles for So this was exactly waste who have self in exercise. Four. Okay, well, just supply the result here. And let's see, has the region the boundary for you'll be Or 021 for Devi and nickel freebie 23 times Woman's we for Do you? The Inter grants is lucky to be and we both integral We're gonna have nickel three b squared for ah, 0 to 1. So the answer is like three

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