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Problem 17 Easy Difficulty

Use traces to sketch and identify the surface.

$ \dfrac{x^2}{9} + \dfrac{y^2}{25} + \dfrac{z^2}{4} = 1 $



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Video Transcript

All right. So we want to identify the surface access square plus line. That's why step was 25 plus G squared plus 40 questions. So let's first find it's jess. So, this means that we take extra care. So I obtained y square over 25 because G squared about four is recording one minus K squared of online. But as you can see this is an ellipse. Mhm. On the Y. G. Plan. Let's take the white dress again. Again we take a Y two K. So you get access squared plus nine C. G. Square work fraud Equals to run when his case where over 25 which is again on the lips on the X. Cheap. And similarly, if I take jesus. Mhm. This means that I'll take you to be constant And I would get excess grand around nine plus Why square over 25 is one -K square over source. And this is again an idiots on X. Rite thing. So since all the traces our lips, this isn't a knicks suck so the craft would look like with my chaplain. This is my people in your life will look like it like this. So each. Yes. And if we plot it under Judge Debra, this is how we get right to each partisan election. So the red part is the bottom up and the blue part is a top up. This is how I plotted it to illustrate that this is just a mirror reflection on the top most. But yes.