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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

Use traces to sketch and identify the surface.

$ x = y^2 - z^2 $


hyperbolic paraboloid

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Video Transcript

So what to do skates the graphic? It's equal device clemency square. So that's good luck. Yes. So let's first find the white test for that. We take what could be a constant immediate tax equal to K square minus the square. Which is a parabola on the extreme right. And then let's find the details. Or that will take you to be a constant king again. And then you get X. To be why square minus K square which is a parable again when the X. Y. Yeah. And then if we take rightness. Yeah. And for that we take why to be a constant. So you want to find expressed now? So that has to be a constant. Then you get why square minus city square is a constant, which is a hyperbole on the white board. And then since two sides are parabola, one side is a hyperbole. This is a hyperbolic parabola. And how does the graph look like? So let's go to the political collector. So that's like a protest raffia. Mhm. So to protect she goes too wide squares minus old school. As you can imagine, this is how the graph looks. Mhm. It's going slow. So you can see there's a hyper bowl on this side and there's a high profile on the other side and then the rest of these are parabolas. This is what the cops look like. Mhm.