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Problem 56 Easy Difficulty

Using Graphs In Exercises $55-58$ , determine from the graph whether $f$ has a minimum in the open interval $(a, b) .$


a. no
b. yes


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Video Transcript

exercise. We need to determine whether this function f a function f that is plotted here has a minimum on this interval. So for this, we need to do just a graphical analysis. Um, let's see. So in the first case, this point here could be a minimum for this function, however, is not defined on the function f. So basically, this function never reached a minimum because it's defined on the on the reels and we can approach as much as we want to to to this value, but never reach it. So basically, this function doesn't have a minimum. So this function No, half a million, no house, I mean, however, on this other case at this point is defined for the for the function. So basically, this will be the minimum value on this interval, so yes.

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