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Problem 5

Can you explain whether there can be only one met…


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Problem 4

Using the method of addition, is there only one way to solve the system?


Thus, there could be any procedure to get the solution of the linear system of equations of three variables



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Video Transcript

so question for ass is there only one way This all the system equations using addition. Um, Well, the answer to that is a resounding no. Um, that's not true. Um, for instance, one way I could solve this system that I have right now would be to multiply this equation by one and then add the equations together. Which case I would get ex zip. The wives would become zero ex people's four. But another way I could have saw this would be the most by the top equation by two to X was too. Why equals 14 and the bottom one of the same. And then, um, it's a trap. These equations I get by equals three. And, um, why would equal three for this one? Also next, people for this one, but notice there's a different way to solve it. Here I went for eliminating excess first. Yeah, I went for eliminating the wise. So you do have a lot of options for yourself by the condition

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