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Problem 50

Using the $\varepsilon$ -\delta Definition of Lim…

Problem 49

Using the $\varepsilon$ -\delta Definition of Limit In Exercises $45-56$ , find the limit $L$ . Then use the $\varepsilon-\delta$ definition to prove that the limit is $L$ .
$$\lim _{x \rightarrow 6} 3$$


Every $\delta$ fits here


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Video Transcript

I guess, a rabble of it. There's experts to six of three that's equal to three because it's not dependent on. We show that for each floor in graded in Ville, there's a delta spirited and oh, that's such that whenever X minus six must in Delta, that implies that our functions my limp, is less the next one. So our function is just three. So that's three months. Three that gives itself is a set of excellent. So that means that we confuse any arbitrary out there. Don't worry this limit to work, so we can just say that that is equal to one.