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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

Variation 2 Find the standard deviations of the random variables in Exercise 2.


2a. $0.74831 ; 2 b .87 .178$


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Video Transcript

from exercise to We have the probability modern as ex it'll 12 and be off access 0.2, 0.4 0.4 and US 1.2. We have to find the standard deviation. First we'll find the radiant just Sigmar Square. And we noted that the weightings of random variable is expected value off the square deviation from the mean. So that is equal to summation X minus mu the whole square into P off X. Therefore, from the day boot, we have zero minus 1.2 just a mean whole square in tow. Zero point to bless one minus 1.2 the whole square into 0.4 place to minus 1.2 whole square in 20.4 It's 1.44 It is it a point to this They're appointed or four into 0.4, please. You will 0.64 in 20.4 this 0.288 less point 016 Bless 0.256 sequitur. Yeah, several 0.56 Sigma is equal to scrabbled Off Siddle Point, Phisix. This suitable 0.7 four Lanktree. No section B just given the probability. Morning excess 102 100 300 it 400 and Bill fix US 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 0.2. And muse equal to 280. WAY will first find the Radiance Sigma Square, which is summation X minus mu. The whole square into pure fakes. That is, 100 miners to 80. The whole square into little 0.1 place, 200 minus 2 80 the whole square inches. It'll point to plus 300 minus two. Weighty the whole square into 0.5 plus 400 minus 2 80 the world square in 20.2. So we have 32,402 0.1 yes, 6400 in 20.2 this 400 in 20 point fight less. Oh, 14,400 in 20.2 3000 to 40 this 1000 to 80 plus 200 place yes, 8 2080 Yeah. News 7600 No. Sigma's Square root off 7600 just 87.178 Is that a standard deviation?