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Problem 57 Hard Difficulty

Vertical Motion In Exercises $57-59$ , assume the accleration of the object is $a(t)=-32$ feet per second per second. (Neglect air resistance.)


$\sqrt{S(t)}=62 \frac{1}{4} \mathrm{ft}$


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Video Transcript

question. 50 maybe 32. Height of initial velocity. Six. What are you hearing? Well, I have 18 which gives me 32 teams making 32. Now I find out what might see value 60 for my the team, huh? Right. Thank you. 32 times zero plus c. So see? 16. So I have negative. 32. He six s a p. I'm thinking of your girl of negative 32 tea plus 60. Which is gonna give me negative thy peace, where you're 32. T's clear, and then I'm gonna multiply that by the record, has plus 60 t plus c. And now I'm gonna use my initial height. 0 60 I'm sorry. 06 So two equals negative. 16. He's squared, plus C t plus C s a is going to eat all zero. What next? He wrote acid, You six. Oh, their whole scene six. So my position function becomes 50 equal. Negative. 16. He's where? Plus, it's Petey. But six of my position function. So my maximum is going to look at my, uh, 32 t might plus 60 and find out where that is. Zero. So I'm gonna go to my VT. Find out where that is. He wrote, zero equals negative. 30 to 60. Negative. 60 equals negative. 32 tea. You're 40 equals 15 60 over 32 which is 15 beats. And now I'm gonna put 15 eats into my position function. So s a T. It's going to eat more eighths, square times Negative 16 60 times 15 over eight six. And when you do that, you get Essam to equal 64 62 and one for and that would be in.