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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

Vocabulary How do mean, median, and mode describe the central tendency of a data set? Why are three different measures needed?


types of data: no outlier (median), with outlier (mean), or to determine the data with most frequency (mode).


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Video Transcript

this question. Asked how to mean median mode, describe the central tendency of a data set. We know the meanest, the average of the data where asked, the median is the middle value. The mod is the data point that occurs. The most number of times were. Most often we have different measures for different types of data. For example, median is for no outlier, mean is for outlier, and then mode determines the data with the most number of frequency. So the reason why is because we have different types of data, which we must take into account so we can use these different measure to describe different types of data differently.