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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Von Bertalanffys equation states that the rate of growth in length of an individual fish is proportional to the difference between the current lenght $ L $ and the asymptotic length $ L_x $ (in centimeters).
(a) Write a differential equation that expresses this idea.
(b) Make a rough sketch of the graph of a solution of a typical initial-value problem for this differential equation.


(a) $\frac{d L}{d t}=k\left(L_{\infty}-L\right)$
$k$ is the proportionality constant
(b) Let initial length of a fish is $L_{0}$ .
Then the initial-value problem can be written as,
$\frac{d L}{d t}=k\left(L_{\infty}-L\right), L(0)=L_{0}$
To find the length $L$ at any time $t,$ integrate both sides,
$\int_{L_{0}}^{L(t)} \frac{d L}{L_{\infty}-L}=\int_{0}^{t} k d t$
$\left[\ln \left(L_{\infty}-L\right)\right]_{L_{0}}^{L(t)}=-k t$
$\ln \left[\frac{L_{\infty}-L(t)}{L_{\infty}-L_{0}}\right]=-k t$
$\frac{L_{\infty}-L(t)}{L_{\infty}-L_{0}}=e^{-k t}$
Solve for $L(t)$
$L(t)=L_{\infty}-\left(L_{\infty}-L_{0}\right) e^{-k t}$
From the solution it can be seen as time increases, the length increases and reaches $L_{\infty}$ as $t$ tends to infinity.


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