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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Water and dinitrogen pentoxide gas react to produce aqueous
hydrogen nitrate.


$H_{2} \mathrm{O}(1)+N_{2} O_{5}(\mathrm{g})->2 \mathrm{HNO}_{3}(\mathrm{aq}) ;$ Synthesis....


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Video Transcript

So we're giving the reaction between water, nitrogen, panto oxide and every form hydrogen nitrate a create solutions. So for this reaction, he recalls a synthesis reassuring because we have to, um, reaction that we have to get her to fall a Newport it. Okay, so, um, before we write out their chemical balance chemical reaction, you creation. We have to wait out the chemical formula off. Individual. We added importance. So we have water issue. Oh, he said I quit diagnostician Penta. Also, we end to all five, hits the gas and then refer former hydrogen nitrates, which would be a Channel three, a creative solution. The last step, We're going to bounce it. So because we have to naturally not. All right. And then we must have We'll also bonds the Imagine on the right. So I put a three in front of a Channel three. Okay, so and then we're going to check again if we have same number off Ataman Evans in the bro at someone, right? So we have to hide in your left and saying we have to a hydrogen on the right. So I would take ah, check mark for hot ginger. Ah, Natalie Really Bonds that. And then for oxygen, we will have six off them on the left, one from water. Five Film Die Nitrogen Penta Elsa. And with the right, we also have six oxygen. So therefore this equation is balance and he is This year it's the answers.