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Problem 36 Medium Difficulty

Water leaked from a tank at a rate of $ r(t) $ liters per hour, where the graph of $ r $ is as shown. Use Simpson's Rule to estimate the total amount of water that leaked out during the first 6 hours.


12.2 liters

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Video Transcript

Okay, So this question wants us to estimate an integral from the graph using Simpson's Earl. So remember, Simpsons Rule says the integral of f of x d. X from A to B is approximately equal to Simpson approximation, which is as follows Delta X over three times f of the first endpoint plus four times the odd numbered seven rubles plus two times that even numbered seven novels, plus of of the other end point. So since we have numbers from 0 to 6 labeled up for us on the graph, that would give us seven points to evaluated. And if we have seven points, that means that n equals six. So from there we know that Delta X equals six of minus zero over six, which equals one. So now we know that s, um six equals won over three times f of zero plus four f of one plus two off of two plus four F of three plus 24 plus four foot five, plus enough of six. And if you greed the graph for all these values, you see that this is equal to 12 point once six or approximately 12.2 leaders, depending on how you round or read the graph,