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Problem 2 Medium Difficulty

What are the degrees of freedom for the $t$ test?




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Video Transcript

Hi. The degree freedom and distribution is as for so you freedom as a formula is equal Toe end by a swell. Where is in here is a sample sizes mean, How many observations that you have on this Take some intuitive about. What does freedom mean in this context? Let's have an example. Imagine that we have Ah said it's called S on Blissett. You're given that there are four numbers. Say one to the on. I'm gonna call The last one is X okay. And I give you also a piece of information that the summation over S is equal to 10. You know, that's one plus two plus three is equal to six. So there's no choice for X Toby. Any number except so So that's give you intuitive about the idea or the meaning about the debut Freedom me is how many independent valuable. Um, in the end of the day, it will be numbers, and in our case here, you can vary and have the freedom to choose Ammon. So this one does not have the freedom. Um, because it should be for if you want to be, the some is equal to 10. Given that the three numbers on the sit is 123