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Problem 4

Is it more efficient to heat your home with a nat…

Problem 3

What is a perpetual motion machine? Can such a machine exist given the laws of thermodynamics?


Perpetual motion machines often move without energy outputs. This machine isn't really possible as if the machine needs to be in motion all the time, then it has to pay the heat tax with each cycle of its motion. Over time, this could continue to slow down or even break down.



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Video Transcript

for this question, we're answering what is a perpetual motion machine, And can such a machine is, given the law, the most dynamic, so perpetual machine motion machine is a machine that can to work indefinitely. So this keep on moving without an energy source, so without you have to. At any energy such this mission exists, the easy answer is no. So let's talk about why this machine can't be exists. This mission can be a exists because it's break the first law of thermodynamic, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only transfer for one form to another, says perpetual motion machine. Do not require energy source. But it's definitely doing work, which is a four energy that break the first law of thermodynamic. Um, so these motion the energy to start out with an overtime. If you don't keep adding energy, it will stop moving eventually so you can think about like a spinning top of for his number. All right, so if the were that's keep spinning, it has been, but at some point it will stop. It was slow down because it cannot do work indefinitely and also initially for them to start spinning, you import some solar energy so such motion professional motion machine Kennelly's is

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