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Problem 6

Explain the difference between the spontaneity of…

Problem 5

What is a spontaneous process? Provide an example.


Spontaneous processes are ones that occurs without help from the outside. For instance, if you drop a book, the book spontaneously drops down to the ground.



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Video Transcript

Okay, So this question as what is spontaneous process and provide an example. So spontaneous process is in chemistry. Wise we're talking about is the chemical reaction, right? All the processes that can Okay, okay. Without any extra help, it's just gonna happen. Is possible is gonna run. That's what is talking about spontaneous processes. It doesn't have anything to do with the speed of the reaction that has to do with genetic. Okay, so in the spontaneous that just made it will happen. So give me giving the eggs ember eggs. Ember would be less they iron. Effie writes Holy iron. Solely iron can actually react with oxygen in the air, which is old too bright gases in the air, especially water wisher That will also do the trick. And it is gonna fall iron outside f B o in some case, Effy to ordinary. But it's gonna fall. So this is gonna called Russ pretty much. Almost all the medals cameras. If you have a normal boy show, a little bit of oxygen in the air are react with the air is gonna do that. But that being said iron by nature, if he just has a blogger ire is not resting right away in front of you are so spontaneous. Means the reaction that can hop it is can awkward. That's all a Jesse or is the process I could happen. So for he's on the eyes, melting into water like this process is spontaneous in room temperature, meaning it could happen in the room temperature. But this is not gonna be spontaneous. And we're talking about life below zero, the re Celsius environment. So if you're in the freezers, this process will be spontaneous, but in the room temperature. All right. Um, this process is spontaneous. Okay, Happy loaded.

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