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Problem 31

Which statement is true of the internal energy of…

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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Problem 30

What is lattice energy? How does lattice energy depend on ion size? On ion charge?


The lattice energy increases with increase in the ionic charge and decreases with decrease in
the ionic charge. Similarly, lattice energy decreases with increase in ionic size and decreases
with increase in ionic size because if the ionic size increases the strength and packing efficiency
of the crystal decreases.



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Video Transcript

So this question asks about lattice energy and so lattice energy is the energy required to separate a mole of Ionic solid into gashes ions. And so I'd also asks, How is it affected by charge and size? And so, as a charge of the ions increase, thie latice energy will also increase. However, as the size of ions increases, the lattice energy will decrease.

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