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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

What is the current when a typical static charge of 0.250$\mu C$ moves from your finger to a metal doorknob in 1.00$\mu \mathrm{s} ?$


$I=0.250 \mathrm{A}$


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Video Transcript

in this particular problem. Oh, we're going to use the formula as Isaac Or two. Don't take you with the speaker. They're dirty. And, uh, it is basically very short change in the mount of charge. But time taken with the charge Do so. No studies, Judge is given a 0.2 fi micro Kalume which moves from a finger. Go make little knob and the time is giving us one microt signal. No. In order to calculate the current, we use the same formula. We're getting input the values to it now. So zero point do fi micro grooms over one micro second. So it would be zero point to find good. And there is two minus six, divided by one, including minister minus six. We can directly can certainly Mr minus six, since it's a racial. So finally we get it does zero point goof. I am Piers as our final answer, which is a current most from finger to make a little knob having a value of zero point do fine piers