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Problem 32 Easy Difficulty

What is the difference between an empirical formula and a molecular formula? Can they ever be the same?


They can be the same


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Video Transcript

So they still defend between Emperor Kuo and multiple formula. And can they be the same? So first of all that stuff about different between them. So, for empirical formula off course, we have to show off the elements. But we're going to show the coefficient at their simplest way. Show Ah, for Houston. Every have Ah, um, that CNC six sakes, then the ethical empirical former BBC, one show on people we have to use showed at a simple sway show. Okay, so And when we move on Thio compared to Markkula formula, molecular formula, we have your costs. You have to show all the almond, but they're going to show the except lumber off that element except number. So I can Using the example is therefore seasick. Six. It's ah, welcome formula, Francine. Before empirical form, though, passing would be C one h. What? Okay, So can empirical Fiona and Mull kill for the same? Yeah, actually, as some condition. Yes, they are the state Capitol sing for use. Um, we're looking at ah, methane. So we're moving more curious each for and the thing to see. 28 h eat. And then we go to propane. Will be us or to C two h six and they go, the propane will be see. Ah, three h a Tennessee for H 10 s. Sandra. So those are the organic compound. They were quite okay. And they have Ah, they have different length. The different size is just a different number. Cabin has urgent. So where we actually showed the, um, empirical formula for off them. They also equals two ch for this and pickle from there up in the field for here. But the molecule, that formula, we'll be the except lumber on top over here. All right, but you you may load instead of empirical formula shared the same form, they're off the, um, off me finger.