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Problem 2

What is nature's heat tax, and how does it relate…

Problem 1

What is the first law of thermodynamics, and how does it relate to energy use?


According to the first law of thermodynamics. energy is conserved in chemical processes. When we burn gasoline to run a car, for example, the amount of energy produced by the chemical reaction does not vanish, nor does any new energy appear that was not present as potential energy before the combustion. Some of the energy from the combustion reaction goes toward driving the car forward, and the rest is dissipated into the surroundings as heat. The total energy given off by the combustion reaction exactly equals the sum of the amount of energy that goes to propel the car and the amount dissipated as heat. So energy is conserved. In other words, when it comes to energy, you can't win. You cannot create energy that was not there to begin with.



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Video Transcript

what is the first law of thermodynamics and how is related to energy use? The first law of time we're gonna mistake that energy can be converted from one form to another. Another way for saying is you cannot destroy all Create new energy in chemistry. This can be understood as the total energy off universe is constant, which means the internal energy that whole inter energy or systems and the surroundings are so are equal to each other. If you take absolute bill, which mean one of the systems, if this is some gay heat, which means the surrounding will we lose a heat, for instance, it We're talking about reaction that such as conduction reaction like, say, Gasol like. So if you're burning gasoline, let's say if you have a gasoline that undergo complexion, it will release a lot of energy. It's got released energy ways. The energy goes with this energies is gonna go to the surrounding right. So what happened to the system Energy? The system will have less energy because it's go from combat play today, um, hydrocarbon molecules turn into at the end of conduction. You got C 02 So which is much more simpler, less energy. I want you so you can kind of see that. What is going on in here? Another way for saying it's also is Delta. You, which is Internet energy, will be equal. Do que plus w. So the amount of heat that is input is I'm gonna equal to the amount of work that is gonna thio give by the system. Okay, Which is gonna equal to it the internal energy.

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