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Problem 11

What is a corporate merger? What is an acquisitio…

Problem 10

What might some of the negatives of deregulation be?


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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone today resolving problem number 10 from Chapter 11 of the textbook, which asks us to basically list some negatives of deregulation. So the three crime ones that I will list the 1st 1 is that with deregulation in the market, um, you're going to see less efficiency in terms of quantity. Preys. So where we talk about Allocator efficiency before you're not miss you that much. And then more and more companies go out of business if charity regulated market. Finally, if you work for a company that suffers from deregulation in terms of a negative light, too much deregulation can lead to the loss of your job. So those are some very big negatives that it's a in today's world, in terms of how deregulation can affect both you. Number three they lost a job. Unemployment goes up. Number two, your company and the number one overall market. It just becomes less efficient. Um, on the company thins and out of the company become lost her shit. So there you have it. If you guys enjoying the city explanation piece of like but next to it, I hope you all have a nice state. And thank you for watching

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