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Problem 9

What are some of the benefits of the deregulation?

Problem 8

What real world changes made the deregulation possible?


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Video Transcript

everyone today was going to problem number eight from Chapter 11 attacks, which asks us what your world changes made deregulation. So to answer this question, you got a deregulation. Well, what made that possible? Modern days. Technological deregulation means less controlled by these things like that. So they're globalize with technology. That's me. Deregulation, more prevalent, was quickly things like a cell phone. I said, If you go Southern reading regulations, governments, markets as well, there's things like sky face time, see each other? They should be. So that's how you answer this question. If you guys enjoy this video explanation, these are the lifeblood next to it. I hope you have a state. Thank you for watching.

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