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Problem 47 Easy Difficulty

What voltage is needed to produce electron wavelengths of 0.26 nm? (Assume that the electrons are nonrelativistic.)


$22 \mathrm{V}$


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Video Transcript

Hello. Students like start or discussion? Suppose we have to find out the voltage that is required to produce a vivid lint off geo point. So six centimeter. So, basically, the relation between the broccoli wave land and the voters is lamb day sickles to 12 point one one point. Oh, so seven nano meter under load voltage. Okay, this is the mortification formula off the broke level of land off lamb testicles to ach born Andy. This is the basic formula. And this is the mortification form. Okay, so means upgraded formula. Okay, so from hair voices will comes out. Toby. Under what? We 1.2 to 7 and o meter by Lambda. Okay, so it will be four testicles to 1.227 Lambda all square. Okay, so we have the Vaillant off 0.26 nanometer. So basically 1.227 upon 0.26 nanometer nanometer will cancel out whole square. So Volt is will come sort from here is 22.2 void. Okay, so this is the required vault is to produce a Vaillant off going toe. Six nano meter. Well, this is all from me for this video. I hope you will like the video. Thank you.

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