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Problem 90 Hard Difficulty

When 20.5 g of methane and 45.0 g of chlorine gas undergo a reaction that has a 75.0$\%$ yield, what mass (g) of chloromethane $\left(\mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{Cl}\right)$ forms? Hydrogen chloride also forms.


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{Cl}\right)=24,02 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we're looking at a reaction between me fame and Cohen. Guess so. Your former coma briefing and those of hydrogen call. Right? So if we have 2045 grand lobby leafing and 45 point the civil Grandma Corinne and the reaction Ah, the sentence. You to safety. 5%. So what will be the mass off our cold meat? Me. Okay, so, first of four, this question content, um to party a little bit complicated. First of all, we have to find her number 10. We agents, and then we're going to apply the percentage you you know, the two father actual among off, homie. Freeing people use. So first of all, let's found the limiting the agent. So I will first cover everything to Dumbo most. So we have a meeting with 20.5 for him. Divide by the more the mass would be one carbon and four hydrogen Sze, So ah, the number most would be 1.28 Uh, most now you can find out the mother Massa from way over here on the table. So it's not that easy. So what now? I'm going to skip it a little bit, Okay, So for comi were 45 grand, divided by their Corinne When the massive members see out you. So we have 0.635 most off Cory. Okay, so we have ah, two different we agent so And they are different minds. Let's find out which one is toe limiting the agent. Okay, So assume we have Ah, we're looking at Ah. Call me thinking if you want to come to thee, we have removed me. How many lumber? Most accordingly, we knew we would need so Cohen needed. Okay, So from the chemical equation over there Ah, luxurious spa. So when shatter everything this partners. So the local officials, 1 to 1, it's 1 to 1. So therefore, you were 12 to 1.28 Mohs off. Ah, we think we need one point to ECMO off Korean gas in order to completely react with the AA meeting. Yeah, they were grieving. Okay, but actually well, how many according to we have where we don't have syrup on 65635 months. So it's no sufficient over yet. We also meeting and our TV essentially will be excess. And the al Corinne will be the limiting re agent that limiting the agent. Okay, so we already I don't find anything. We agent. So we're going to find out. Ah, the number Most off rethink being produced. And also Ah, the lumber most Ah, the ah, the massive meeting beep. Oh, Dios. Okay, So, um, come to the staff. We are considered. We just don't look at the percentage you were. Some everything we act. So when all the meeting being consumable eyes going to Ah, we act one. Ah, Cohen is going I mean, chlorine gas when one of the cooling all the Korean guest been consumed When Chloe investors for years one call me. Think so again, at the same time we have. Ah, um, why don't you ever send you? Then we would have sewer 0.65 65. Okay, so we're going to convert that to ah, the mass. So we're seeing for 635 times. We faint her sweepers, Corrine, and then we should have 32 point, um zero Graham, we would have 100%. Okay, so how about your same 5 75%. Okay, So for the percentage you were looking at the mass off the actual produce poured it over the mass off the theoretically podiums poured it. So we are going to apply that. Ah, free article. You are percentage to our favorite. Ah, I mean the percentage you person ish to the two hour for tickle you. So where 1% were for you to? Ah, Graham. How about we have 75% So just 6 32 times 2.75 and we will have 24 Graham. And this will be the answers. So you have 75% for this. A month off region. We have 20 for grandma.