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Problem 91 Hard Difficulty

When 56.6 $\mathrm{g}$ of calcium and 30.5 $\mathrm{g}$ of nitrogen gas undergo a reaction that has a 93.0$\%$ yield, what mass (g) of calcium nitride forms?


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{Ca}_{3} \mathrm{N}_{2}\right)=64,9 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So the reaction between calcium and nitrogen, uh, reforming our calcium natural chasm. Nitrite. So, first of all, that's plans to Camco gash in her before we do anything. So, Richard, later l a freebie in front off, counselor. And then we were about a chemical reaction. Okay, so from here, we would like to We're different. We have fear. 6.6 gram of calcium free when five grand with nitrogen. Refer for so that you know, if he percent. So we would need to know what with the mass off our, um, calcium. Um, Nash will be informed. Okay, so first of all, we again convert everything to limbo most eso we have 66.6. Ah, for calcium with fear 6.6 you. Why that by the molar mass of calcium, How you should be able to find as one point for one most and therefore nine Children. We have 31 5 20 whether by the will of mass off nitrogen, remember? And too So we have one point over nine moves. Okay, so from here we have two filed. Ah, everything. We agent different ennui. Agent. So you know, we were given the massive Bove. Ah, we are reacting. So that's what be Maybe one off they will be limited. So let's find out. Okay, so say we're going to pick out calcium and that's what we want to. We're off the calcium. We're all the calcium. One will be the Imagine that we need one with the nitrogen. Never neat. So, um, we're going to find okay, then. If we wanted we have grief. All the 1.41 more the nitrogen need that will be one for Forman. Do you have the world by free? We reseal point for seven more for nitrogen because the mother wisher is 3 to 1 So we are going to find out Ah, just tumble away Show their final corresponding number most off natural that we need. So we need you want to We're all before the calcium we need Ah, still 10.47 and we have one point overnight. There obviously is more than enough. So Ah, calcium here will become the limiting wages emitting region. So that's why we're going to use the number moved to found the number most of our opponents. Okay, so from here we can see that the lumber. If we have 100% of somewhere 12% we don't look at the percentage you Ah, we should have. Ah, the lumber. Mosul, off our councilman. I try Po deals should be equals to Ah ah, number most off our calcium divide by four because the motorway show against Lee. To what? This one over here. That's one over here. But we don't use your show that so again, we just leave it. Divide that, um by three, we have syrup on seven. No cellphone, seven ball off. Calcium. Naturally. Okay, so assume we have 100% new. So we're going to convert our simple set for seven more to our mass. So we have we calcium, we have to night regions. Um, and then we should be able to finance will be 69.7 gram. We we have 12% bihari for where? 95%. So we're going to mope like this free radical new lumber by soon. Appoint nicely or nephew percent. And we closed. It was 64 upon a gram, and this will be the mass of the council tribe