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Problem 135

Two identical refrigerators are plugged in for th…

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Problem 134

Which expression describes the heat emitted in a chemical reaction when the reaction is carried out at constant pressure? Explain.
a. E - w
b. E
c. E - q


$697-06-113 \mathrm{CP} \mathrm{SA}-9877$
SR: 5276
We know that $\Delta E=q+W$
$q_{p}$ represent heat at constant pressure.
$\Delta E$ the change in internal energy at constant pressure is simply
$\Delta E=q_{p}+W$
$q_{p}=\Delta E-W$
$\therefore$ option a is correct.



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Video Transcript

So this question asked us to identify, which is the proper expression for the heat emitted in a chemical reaction with constant pressure. And so that is Delta H. And so our options. The correct answer is a Delta T minus w. And the reason we know that it's this is because Delta agent constant pressure is defined as equaling Delta E minus P, Delta V and P Delta V is equal to work, and so are we. Just plug that in for P Delta V and we get that are correct. Answer for this expression is Delta E minus. W.

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