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Problem 2

If 12 vases $\operatorname{cost} \$ 18.00$ , what…


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Problem 1

Which expression is equivalent to
$\left(2 x^{2}-4\right)-\left(-3 x^{2}+2 x-7\right) ?$
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { A) } 5 x^{2}-2 x+3} \\ {\text { B) } 5 x^{2}+2 x-3} \\ {\text { C) }-x^{2}-2 x-11} \\ {\text { D) }-x^{2}+2 x-11}\end{array}$$

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Video Transcript

Okay, We're going to be solving this expression. The first thing here to do is to remember first, that we have to figure out the equations. Sorry. Expressions, signs. So we see that there's this attraction sign in the middle that applies to this entire parentheses. So we're going to multiply it out. Remember that when you have this kind of negative here, it's going to multiply out to each term. It's like multiplying by negative one s o. We're going to go ahead and do that. First, you're gonna have to x squared minus for and this negative right here. This negative sign it's going to turn into a positive sign After we multiply all of this out And what I mean by that I'll show you in a second, eh? So we're going to first take this negative and multiply it by a negative negative, multiplied by a negative. Always gives you a positive. So it's a happy sleeping person. Sleeping bear. Whatever knowledge you'd like to use right there. Do you have your two ex Quinn? And now we're going to multiply this out. So this three acts were going to leave this sign empty for a second and I'll tell you why in a minute. So negative times negative, like I said before is a positives. And out this is a positive three x squared can. Now we multiply this one. So we've done this, Ramana Months multiplied out Excuse me all the way over here, and that's going to give you in negative times a positive. Do you have a negative times? A positive that's going to give you a negative because you're half a spy. Sleep and half awake. No one's happy there time, So that's a negative to X. All right Now, once again, we have our negative times a negative. So all the way over here to our last term, which is negative. Seven. You're going to end up with a positive. We have a happy sleeping bear. Positive seven. Now, I left the parentheses on here so you can see that we did the entire terms all every single term within the parentheses. Excuse me, but it's actually not necessary anymore because the parentheses were only there due to the negative sign. Now this parentheses could be taken away, and you can have a positive a sign from the three x cred Actors in addition, Sign. So now let's just go ahead and combine like terms you haven't X squared here and an X squared here and that becomes a five x squared because three plus two is five. The reason why we can combine is because they're like terms they have, like exponents. Next, the next lowest exponents is X to the power of one or negative two. X is our term, and our last one is negative for and positive. Seven. Negative four plus positive seven gives you a total of positive three. Which means that your answer is going to be five x squared minus two X plus three for an answer and no.

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