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Problem 30

$f(x)=x^{3}, \quad \frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{h}$


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Problem 29

Which gas exerts the greatest pressure?
(A) He
(B) Ne
(C) NO
(D) All gases exert the same amount of pressure.




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Video Transcript

all right. In order to determine which gas is going to exert the most pressure, we need to figure out how many moles of each one or president. So we need to use the molar masses of these elements to convert it to moles. Right? So for helium 20 grams, that has more mass of about four. So it's about five. Moles of helium for neon is close to 20. So it's about two moles of neon and 30 is about the bullet mass of of nitrogen oxide. So there's one molding now our gas lost Tell us that the moles of gas will be proportional to the pressures that they're all in the same size container. It's the same volume and same temperature. So if we look at this, the greatest number of moles is the helium s O. The helium will have the greatest pressure under these conditions.

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