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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Which of the points $ A (-4, 0, -1) $, $ B (3, 1, -5) $, and $ C (2, 4, 6) $ is closest to the $ yz $-plane? Which point lies in the $ xz $-plane?


$C ; A$


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Video Transcript

Okay, so first we have drawn according it's roughly Hugo. So how do we determine which is closest to the wise A plane? Among the three points. So the distance of a point say x Y Z To the wise, a play is just the absolute value of the coordinates. So the too easy because the value of the coordinates so minus four, three and two pathetic coronets, the, uh the absolute value of the coordinates we gonna find to the smallest. So first question with CCC closest to the wasn't Crane on which point loss in the actually clean? No. So adopt the same methodology. We're gonna find the distance between the point too. The plane is just the white part in it. The absolute absolute value off the word cornet. So, um, only three points on ly point A has zero y co ordinate so, eh lies in the ex a pain. That is the answer