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Problem 25

How do you calculate the change in free energy fo…

Problem 24

Why does water spilled on the floor evaporate even though $\Delta G^{\circ}$ for the evaporation process is positive at room temperature?


See explanation.



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Video Transcript

So for this question, you get a situation. You have water as it liquid, going to water as a gas. So what are evaporating? And they give you that Delta G not is positive. So this would lead one to think. Okay, this reaction is non spontaneous that women currently we put force in there of work into it and energy. But what is the case, actually, is that this does happen all the time. When you think about you're spilling water on the floor, not evaporating. So what does this happen? And this has to do with it. This little symbol right here, the Delta Jeannot. And so what this shows is that this equation is under standard state condition. So a temperature of 25 degree C and the other key thing it assumes is that and the partial pressure of water is that one atmosphere which of this water vapor and in this case, it is not. And so that is the key difference. And that is what makes because it is not that and it's not understanding states. This dull to devalue can actually change. And we'll see you later on how it is affected. Bye. nonstandard conditions. And that shows you why this could happen. Even though we think of not understanding conditions because we don't live in the ideal typical world that we talk about in this Deac theoretical standard state conditions.

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