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Problem 6

How does the entropy of the surroundings change d…

Problem 5

Why is $\Delta S_{\text { vap }}$ of a substance always larger than $\Delta S_{\text { fus }} ?$

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Video Transcript

so were asked, why is the entropy of vaporization always greater? Generally? Actually, it is always greater than that of the entropy of fusion. Part is the change in tribute. So that's what this little diagram here. Okay, so, first off, we have a solid here with lichen here, and we have a gas over here. Okay? On to think you pay attention to is, uh, these little particles, um, they have little that's just called the red side. Positive. It's called the blue side Negative. A little bit of that. Negative. Okay. So as it is a solid, it doesn't have a lot of freedom. Make a move, maybe Like a little vibration. Here, Maybe, uh, this piece cake and rotate little bit. But then, as you can see it, the negatives go into each other so they don't like that. And it at the when I wrote it's too far and loses his connection. So it just doesn't have a lot of degrees of freedom here. Not a lot of animals, maybe like one of 10. Okay. And over here, this is our liquid here. And let's look at this piece right here and so see, as as you can see we have a lot more freedom here. This piece is law. Our freedom. Okay. Same thing with this piece here. There's a lot of freedom. Okay, He can rotate this way, and the thinking vibrate a little bit. Individual pieces can vibrate a little bit, so let's call this piece. Our troops. It's called this. That's right. This, like a three s president, has a lot more contributing this. But what is a lot more entropy? Is these gas molecules? Okay, let's look at Ah, look at this one. Okay, So as the acid debate prices, that takes a lot of energy to put in, right. So as your when it goes into the gas phase, it has to thio again. A lot more degrees of freedom. First of all, the movement. It could move this way. This way. It isn't really care. It doesn't. It could just pass by this Adam and not even or passports molecule never and never know. Oh, uh, along with that, it also rotate like this doesn't even care this. There's no there's nothing else that it will impede it from from spinning like this or spinning like this. I can go 360 and since this is only two dimensional, technically it can go into third mention as well, and it can move in all the years of freedom. As long as it does it impact anything, they can move as much as it wants. So it's way more this way. More combinations. Team this beating, the gas phase and the liquid face. Let's call this peace. This is the highest country, generally, that it could get. So this is like a tent or night. That's how different that's how big of a change the going from a liquid it gases than from a solid liquid is.