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Problem 23

Explain the difference between $\Delta G^{\circ}$…

Problem 22

Why is free energy "free"?


Gibbs free energy is ``free", because it represents the maximum amount of energy available, or free, to do work.



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Video Transcript

So this question is asking, Why is free energy free? And so when you think about free energy, you're thinking about Delta G to put a variable to it. And so what it's really asking is what is the free part of free energy? And so the thing about that anything back to your earlier in this chapter when it's talking about the second law of thermodynamics, where energy always wins and entropy always wins. And you need to think about why that's happening and so example. They give and as a reaction is graphite directed of hydrogen gas, two for methane. And so the Delta G of this reaction is minus 50. Coach ALS Approximately an adult age of this reaction is minus 74. Killed Jules. Approximately. Now we're getting total transfer of energy. We should just be getting all 74 jewels. Killer jewels of Delta H going into the G. But we're not. There's some heat loss that's given off to the surroundings to in Crete toe. Satisfy the second Bhattarai Dynamics to allow in tribute to win an increase. And so this Delta G is the energy that's left after this is accounted for in the heat tax. So there's some keep this used up, and whatever's left over is that free energy, so that's what they mean about free.

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