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Problem 68

Which of the statements below about magnetic indu…

Problem 67

Why is MIT used to search noninvasively for mineral deposits (iron, copper, zinc)?
(a) The minerals are good conductors of clectricity and produce strong induced currents and strong returning magnetic fields.
(b) The minerals absorb the incident magnetic field indicating their presence by a lack of returning signal.
(c) The minerals produce their own returning magnetic fields.
(d) The minerals attract the incoming magnetic field and reflect it directly above the minerals.





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Video Transcript

Why is a mighty used to search non invasively for mineral deposits? This will get the options once again. Option a minutes are good conductors of electricity and produce. Strong, induced current and strong returning magnetic field. Yes, Option is correct. Menorahs and metals are good. Conductor off electricity. You need to have good conduct, hours of electricity in which the magnetic field can induce the charge. Circulation and the charge start so I can write it down. Ah, external magnetic field charge circulation and then the charts. Abolition will give you the output magnetic field which will be detected. So is correct. What about be bees? Minerals absorbed the incident management. Nothing gets absorbed. B is not right. The minerals produce their own retarding magnetic village. No, you cannot produce the returning magnetic field on the charge. Circulation produces the magnetic field or charged. Our position results in the magnetic field. Which guest detected De the ministers at Trump Incoming manically That mean there is a non magnetic they can on a truck. The magnetic field. So option a story

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