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Problem 66

All other conditions being equal, why is the indu…

Problem 65

Why is the detected signal from an MIT apparatus greater if a moist conductive layer is near the surface?
(a) The signal is reflected better from the top of a nearbyconductive layer.
(b) The induced current is greater if the soil is moist andconductive.
(c) The induced magnetic field from the induced current is bigger if its source is near the detection coil.
(d) All three of the above reasons
(e) b and c





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Video Transcript

So the question asks Why is that detected? Signal greater when we have moist conducting their near the surface. So creator signal when you have my side, the district, the options The signal is reflected Better from the stop off our nearby conducting there The signal is respected Better from the top off our nearby conducting there? Yes, If you have my side, remember that my sile is conductive. My soil is conductive So if you have a conductive soil then it also reflects more So option A is correct Option b the induced kindness Grader. You decide this moist and conductive? Yes. If it is conductive, then it was definitely induce more current Option c. The induced magnetic field from the in news kind is bigger If the source is near the detection coin You off course if the source is near So what is happening is if you have the source girl here then that's what This is the source coil. So this will create a magnetic field over here, which is greater the closer reward and then father, you go. It is the world indoor. So if you have that detective guards here, then you get more thing that if you have the director Carl Far for every, then you get their signal. So sees correct, Which means parte de is the kind option because that says all a BNC but not option e because is also correct. So your option d.

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