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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Why might the expression "1 mol of chlorine" be confusing? What change would remove any uncertainty? For what other elements might a similar confusion exist? Why?


not monoatomic $(\mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{O}, \ldots)$


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Video Transcript

So why are the statement one more of Korean confusing? And then what changes to meet May in order that we do are window for uncertainty and also what Emin sure shared the same confusion as one more Korean. And that's marvellous. Why? Okay, Fissile for why we stay. One more Koreans car confusing Sze Something about therefore Corinne Corinne can be a single atom. So we can be ah Corrie atom by the same time. And the room temperature or the, um no, uh, one condition, room temperature and pressure The ankle really exist. Us Ah, by atomic market. So it just market to see out too. So each Kobe will have to Cory autumn. Okay, So if you only mentioned one more Corinne, then we will be confusing, but we just don't know whether it's ah Cohen atom or Korean market. Okay, So what changes has to me make to remove that confusion, actually, in spirit straight for So we just need to say that, you know, we have Mark you or asked him so we can say that one more off Corinne Atom. One more Korean market. Lt's so yeah, they're already making much more clear. Okay, So what animal? We shared the same Confucian. Okay, so we just did you find out what Adam and real former die atomic mark you under the womb condition So they get the 1st 1? Of course. Would be Korean. The 2nd 1 again. It's also we leader Thio Corinne. They also us with seven elements. So it will be Ah, Dean bro Mean, um And if I remember really thought also flooring, okay. And then we still have more different sample forcible hydrogen as well. And also also Jin so you can name a field so again those elements taken from that Tommy market. So that's why you say one more off how dean one.