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Problem 7

What is reaction stoichiometry? What is the signi…


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Problem 6

Why must chemical equations be balanced?


A chemical reaction represents a chemical change. A chemical equation is representation of the
chemical reaction in chemical symbols of the substances involved in the reaction. A chemical
equation has reactants (that undergo change) followed by arrow mark followed by products
(newly formed).
As per law of conservation of mass, the mass can neither be created nor be destroyed. So, the
atoms in the reactants undergo changes to form products but the net number of the atoms (of
each element) involved the chemical remain same in both the sides (reactant and product).
So, it is needed to balance the chemical equation using coefficients to balance the net number of
the atoms in both the sides (reactant and product) of a chemical equation.



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Video Transcript

Chapter seven section Problem. Six asks why I'm less chemical equations be balanced. Um, it almost seems too obvious that you want to talk about a chemical reaction. You need tio have a balanced equation, but their specific reasons why and in particular when you're doing calculations of any kind translating one react into another reactant or one react into a product or trying to, you know, do conversions of any kind you need to be using the coefficients and the stoic yama trees that you find with the balanced equation. Um, and the analogy that I like to use for for a lot of these concept is is with a sandwich. So if you're if you're going to make a sandwich, you probably have, you know, design of your sandwich. You've got Brad probably probably two pieces. Ah, two pieces of bread. Let's go. We're going to go with a big ah sandwich in this example will go three pieces of chicken and and then you need like, I don't know, maybe one ounce of mayo. So if you're going toe, if you're going, try and describe um to somebody else how many sandwiches you're going to make or how many pieces of chicken you're going to need Teo to make fifty ah, fifty sandwiches or feed fifty people. We need to have these these ratios down packed because that's how you that's how you'LL know Now if you need two pieces of bread for each sandwich and you want to make fifty sandwiches. But if you if you don't have enough bread for that, if you only have forty pieces of bread, you're just not going to be able to make only have forty pieces of bread. You're not going to make fifty sandwiches, regardless, how much chicken you have. And that's how you know limiting re agents work. That's why you need to balance your equations so that you can make calculations because a lot of times you're gonna have access excess of one chemical species. And if you calculate the yield of a reaction with something you have a ton of extra extra of, it's not gonna matter because that's not how much is going to be produced. Similarly, if you have a million pounds of chicken, you can't make fifty sandwiches unless you have one hundred pieces of bread. Anyway, good luck setting

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