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Problem 58 Hard Difficulty

With what initial velocity must an object be thrown upward (from ground level) to reach the top of the Washington Monument (approximately 550 feet)?


Approximately 187.6 ftsec


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Video Transcript

No. So for this one, you know what t one at the time that the balls reaches the top. Washington Monday. Okay, that case, you know that Lee of t one minus zero physical two. Now they have to be one zero. And today, these negatives 32 we're seconds squared to my demands. Yeah, this 32 two. No. You also know because 5 15 it is the height of the Washington Mother is equal to They are too t squared. It's a t one squared course. The velocity of time. 21 Close the position at the initial time. Zero. Well, that cereal, that's zero. So that means that 5 50 is equal to 32 over to you. T one squared, which happens to be 16 t one squared. That tells us that t one squared 5 50 or her 16. Yeah. One is the square. 5 15 over 16 for bring 5 50 over four, which implies a commission velocity. No, I was able to 32 times 15 four. Cheers. No, you 15. Okay. Makes sense