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Problem 33

What is the mass, in kilograms, of an Avogadro's …


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Problem 32

Without doing any detailed calculations (but using a periodic table to give atomic weights, rank the following samples in order of increasing numbers of atoms: 42 gof NaHCO $_{3}, 1.5 \mathrm{mol} \mathrm{CO}_{2}, 6.0 \times 10^{24} \mathrm{Ne}$ atoms.


So if we now look at what we simplified them down to, it is easy to rank the samples in order of increasing
numbers of atoms:
NaHCO3 has less atoms than CO2 which has less atoms than the sample of Ne



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Video Transcript

So in this problem we have to find out a rank this following samples in order ofthe increasing number of atoms. So the first one is forty two graham off sodium bicarbonate and a C O three. And then we have one and half mole off government outside and we have six times to know that we're going to form atoms ofthe neon and we have to tow arrange them in order of increasing number of atoms. So to do that first you have to find out how many mulls off sodium biker red we have year. And from there we'LL have to find out how many Adams is present in their number of malls of sodium maker about it and were given here the number of most ofthe photos. So we just have to find out how many Adams we have in this number of most of Seattle. And in this case, we're just given the number of atoms ofthe neon, so we don't have to do any kind of calculation here. So to find out the number of malls off sodium by current for forty to Graham, we have to find out, um, the molar mass of sodium bicarbonate, and we can just do that easily by adding up the that week weights off each other, present here and since the podiums home and to make weight, our Moller masses twenty three, then for high treason were awfully. Ah, consider one for high treason for carbon were considered twelve. So these are all off are the Moler masses off each atom present here and we have three ox is in and off for oxygen to sixteen. So for three accidents it will be three times sixteen or forty eight. And this will give us a valve off eighty. For Graham, that means eighty four gram sodium bicarbonate is one mall and that and here we have forty two Graham. That means forty two is half off eighty for their stay. We have half mole off sodium bicarb represent here, so we have half full of sodium bicarb. But we have one point five models theater, and we have systems where there were twenty for neon atoms. Now I have to find out how many Adams we have in this point five mill sodium bicarbonate. It's as you know that in one more off any ah compound, her molecules way have six times our six points sirrah tow times still twenty four twenty three molecules in one more off any molecule. And also so that means zero point five mall in a city contains half off thiss because one will contains this much that must have more. Contains half of this, which is through point zero one time stood apart. Twenty three in edge See a tree. So this is the number of molecules we have in half full of sodium bicarb right now. Iness sodium bicarb, monocle. How many had knows? We have We have one story m one. I'd risen one carbon and three accident that miss In total, we have seeks atoms in one molecule of sodium bicarbonate. That means in three point one time stated about twenty three Ah molecules. So sorry, America Bird. We have this multiplied by six. Our six times three is eighteen point zero three. I'm still deliver twenty three Adams I'm repeating one one more time. So in one molecule of sodium bicarb unit, we have seeks Adams one story, um, one hundred and one cover antioxidant. That man's since half full of sodium bicarb and contains this much Ah, molecule of Syrian bike over. That means in this much molecule of Syrian bica What we have this time six are eighteen point ultra times twenty three Adams in half full of Sudan Bakery. Now we have to find out how many and those we have in one point five more Theo too. So one one five mil suit will contain six point zero toe time standard apart twenty three. So that is the number of molecules for one more, that means for one point five or one and half more, we have to multiply it by one and half. Anjali was nine point zero three times ten to the port twenty three molecules off. See oto. Now in one molecule of pseudo, we have one car, Brandon two oxen that miss three atoms. And that's way in this number of molecules of Soto we have multiply by three twenty seven point um zero nine times ten to the part twenty three anthems second in one and half full of sea. What do we have? Nine point or three times? Till there were twenty three molecules of Kyoto and in one molecule of pseudo we have three atoms. That means in this number ofthe mall. Thiss number monocle of pseudo. We have this number off Adams. So now if and And, um, in one other sample, we have ceased gemstone. There were twenty for immunity. So from here, you can easily say that none of the Syrian back about our Soto is anywhere closer to noon, Adam, since they're safe and I'm staying, there were twenty for that man's. Ah. So this's the maximum number of far knows, presenting the in one simple system where there were twenty four. And then we have the lowest we have the second highest in one point five models. Pseudo, which is, um, took nard twenty seven one all nine times. You know, they were going to three, and then we have the lowest number of atoms in half full of sodium bicarbonate, which is eighteen twenty tension about twenty three. So if we just as them in drank neon in the increasing order, it will be Yeah, your name Age sealed three is the loyalist. Then see Oto, his second highest and neon is the simple with ah, the highest number off Adam's presenting it

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