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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Write an algebraic formula that models the given quantity.
The cost $C$ of purchasing $x$ gallons of gas at $\$ 3.50$ a gallon


$$3.50 x$$


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Video Transcript

So, Hellestrae, Now we're good, Understand? Discussion on it is given this course See? Opportunity. Excellent guess at $3.50. So gosh, see with this What it together and cost is 3.5 Gerada. But understand for it together. Three point pipe Jiro Dollar cost part one girl. So for two gallon, 3.50 in tow to if you cost off Google. And 3.50 in three he washed off three gallon. So similarly, 3.5 digital similarly in x gosh off ex gallon so we can conclude here that cost is 3.5 Jiro X. So this is the mortal. What would you have looking part?