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Problem 47 Medium Difficulty

Write as a single integral in the form $ \displaystyle \int^b_a f(x) \, dx $:

$$ \int^2_{-2} f(x) \, dx + \int^5_2 f(x) \, dx - \int^{-1}_{-2} f(x) \, dx $$


$\int_{-1}^{5} f(x) d x$

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Video Transcript

Okay. The first thing you know we can do is we can write the interval from negative to five affects DX minus the integral from negative to the night of one after Rex detox. As as you can see, we're splitting it up. It's We can cancel. We can cancel these two. They have the same bounds. Giving us the integral from negative 1 to 5 affects DX was our solution.