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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

Write each combination of vectors as a single vector.
(a) $ \vec{AB} + \vec{BC} $ (b) $ \vec{CD} + \vec{DB} $
(c) $ \vec{DB} - \vec{AB} $ (d) $ \vec{DC} + \vec{CA} + \vec{AB} $


a) $$
\overrightarrow{A C}
b) $$
\overrightarrow{C B}
c) $$
\overrightarrow{D A}
d) $$
\overline{D B}


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Video Transcript

uh we have a question. Okay innovative. In a defiant the end position of the vectors. Okay, combination victor A single victor. We should write a single victim. So a B victor less Bc victor. This is just like if this is ap and then this is A. B. C. So definitely this is and the resultant of the A. C. Will be resultant. A baby plus busy written as this. So this will be simply seven. Okay. Barbie, is he did that less the B victor. So similarly as we have done here, A B victor? A city victor. So if this is the this is the cd vector plus db victor. So this is gonna be CB victor. CB victim. But seeing db victim minus a B victor. So this could build an as dp victor bless minus be evicted because a B victor is always equal to minus B. A victor by changing the direction. Okay uh here we should write minus so D. B. Vector plus B. A vector which means be a victim. So the victim should be there answer. Okay the is D. C. Victor plus evicted it was a B victor. So let us draw if this is D. This is C. So D. C victor bless. Ah see a victor because at this point and the point of this is the starting point of this. Now A B victor. So this is definitely gonna be db victor. Okay so these are the answers thanks