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Problem 39 Medium Difficulty

Write inequalities to describe the region.
The region between the yz-plane and the vertical plane $ x = 5 $


In the $y z$ -plane, we have $x=0 .$ This means that the region between the
$y z$ -plane and the plane $x=5$ is given by $0 < x < 5 .$ There are no restrictions
on $y$ and $z$


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we need to write inequality to describe the engine between Why is that claim and plain X equals 25 So now, if you look into the diagram or our coordinate axis, let's assume this is X. This is why in this is that so? Why that plane will be this. Okay, so it is an bounder eight, and then we have plain X equals to five. So that X equals 25 We have another plane, which is also unfounded. So there is no restriction in the value off there and value off. Why? Only restriction in the value off X X is starting at zero, and it can go till five. 0 to 5. So this is an equality equation that representing this relation. Thank you.