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Problem 16

When drawing five cards randomly from a deck, whi…


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Problem 15

You’re pretty sure that your candidate for class president has about 55% of the votes in the entire school. But you’re worried that only 100 students will show up to vote. How often will the underdog (the one with 45% support) win? To find out, you set up a simulation.
a) Describe how you will simulate a component.
b) Describe how you will simulate a trial.
c) Describe the response variable.


The component is one voter voting. An outcome is a vote for our candidate or not. We should
use two random digits, giving $00-54$ a vote for your candidate and $55-99$ for the under dog.
A trail is 100 votes. We must examine 100 two-digit random numbers, and count how many
people voted for each candidate. Whoever gets the majority of votes wins that trail.



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