Frequently Asked Questions

How does Numerade democratize STEM education?

Numerade democratizes STEM by providing equitable access to STEM content for all. Our mission is to close the opportunity and skills gap in STEM. We've already helped more than 100 million students directly through our over 3 million short-form video lessons. Now, we're offering our program free to all schools and districts. Numerade supports complex STEM content available at a much cheaper cost than an in-person or virtual tutor. While personal tutors are largely focused on one subject, Numerade's content library has solutions for all STEM subjects and textbooks.

What makes Numerade unique?

Compared to other programs, we have the most video content (for example, Khan Academy has 10,000 videos, whereas Numerade has more than 3 million), and we have an AI-powered tutor that makes recommendations to the learner based on their activities and progress within Numerade. Numerade is perfectly packaged for the TikTok generation with bite-sized video content that is tagged and instantly discoverable. In addition, educators can easily choose videos from our bank of over 3 million to use in their courses, create their own content to help support struggling learners, or use our certified, full-length STEM Courses to give students reinforcement or help them to discover a new topic at their own pace, in their own space.

What is Numerade Class?

Numerade Class allows teachers to create their own videos, assign pre-made videos from our library of over 3 million user-generated videos, and respond to student questions using our dynamic whiteboard.

How can educators use Numerade?

Educators can use Numerade Class to create their own video lessons and video playlists, and they can differentiate video lessons for different groups of students. Teachers can also sign their students up for one of our 18 STEM Courses, to give students extra support or learn a new topic at their own pace. In addition, when students watch videos, our AI Tutor will surface related content to build a lesson plan and give each student a personalized learning experience. With our Ask feature, students can ask a question and get video answers from our expert educators, giving them extra support in their learning process. Many of our schools are using Numerade as an extra resource for homework help, tutoring, after school programs, flipping the classroom, and for intervention and small group differentiation.

What are Numerade Courses?

Numerade Courses (also known as Summer Bootcamp) are 18 full-length courses in core STEM subjects and standardized test prep that students can use to learn at their own pace. Each course is organized by the concepts necessary for mastery and each concept has multiple short-form videos to support student learning. Courses can be used to learn new subjects and to review old concepts that were already taught in class.

How can students use Numerade?

Students can use Numerade to reinforce concepts learned in class, for homework help, and to learn new topics at their own pace through self-directed exploration. Moreover, they can use the Ask function to submit a question they're stuck on and get a video answer from our expert educators, providing additional support when learning a concept. Numerade can serve as an efficient, knowledgeable, and cost-effective STEM tutor. Students can also work with other students in their class by discussing concepts through our Numerade “Meet & Study” channel on Discord.

How can parents/caretakers/guardians use Numerade?

For many parents, paying for a STEM tutor is a cost they might not be able to afford. Numerade is a resource parents can use to not only understand the content students are learning, but to also point students in the right direction when they need support. Also, you can advocate for your child's school and district to purchase Numerade so that your child can gain access to Numerade for free.

What are textbook solutions?

Textbook solutions are short-form video lessons matched to problems from thousands of the most popular STEM textbooks, ranging from middle school, to high school, to college level. Numerade's content library has over 3 million video textbook solutions in all STEM subjects, including physics, chemistry, math, biology, economics, and more!

Who makes the video lessons?

Numerade's video lessons are created by our educator network of more than 50,000+ carefully-vetted, expert STEM educators. Over half of our educators have masters and/or doctorate degrees in their STEM area of expertise.

What is Numerade Ask?

Using Ask, students and teachers can ask STEM questions and get a video response. For example, if a student is struggling with a specific concept in a problem set, project, or homework task, they can submit a question and one of Numerade's educators will respond with a step-by-step video answer to help their understanding. This tool is helpful for students who are doing independent study, asynchronous work, or are unable to secure one-on-one tutoring or teacher support outside of the classroom.

How can Numerade support test prep (AP Classes, ACT, PSAT, SAT)?

In our content library, we have textbook solutions for AP courses, including AP Biology, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP Microeconomics, AP Calculus, and more. We also have resources for the PSAT, ACT, and SAT, including full-length prep courses. We are in the process of adding K12 test prep materials for SBAC, STAAR, Regents, for example.

What is Numerade's AI tutor?

Numerade's AI tutor can create personalized study plans for students by using their watch history, video stopping points, quiz results, and activity on Numerade to understand their gaps and where they could use extra practice. Educators can use the AI tutor's recommended study plans to support the work they're doing in the classroom with their students, and to use it in parent-teacher communications to see how to work together to better support student learning in an individualized way.