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Address unfinished learning and the COVID slide with our AI tutor

Educators need all the help they can get. That’s why we’re making our tutoring platform free for you to use. With Numerade, you’ll get support from our AI tutor, and your students will get access to:

  • Over 3 million short-form STEM video lessons created by carefully vetted teachers.
  • 24/7 support with our Ask button: Students can get video answers to their questions from our network of over 50,000 educators.
  • 18 full, in-depth STEM courses with video lectures, quizzes and a certificate of completion.
Traditional STEM Tutor
Cost per month/student $200/month Free
Learning Time 4 Hours Unlimited
Subjects Covered 1-2 25
Availability 4 times per month 24/7
AI Custom Quizzes
Expertise Level Undergrad Degree Masters & PhDs

Over 3 million video lessons, solutions and tasks from the most popular STEM textbooks

Perfectly packaged for the TikTok generation!

  • Bite-sized, short-form videos that students can replay endlessly
  • Easily searchable video library
  • AI-powered individualized recommendations
  • Immersive, compelling, interactive content
  • Student community on Numerade Discord with over 35,000 members

Numerade Class for educators

Lesson Content

Lesson Content

Find appropriate videos or create your own! Curate your own playlists of videos for students to watch at their own pace from our bank of over 3 million videos, or you can create your own video lessons with our easy-to-use whiteboard video creator.

Class Analytics

Class Analytics

Go deeper than just attendance. Data-driven insights help you make impactful instructional decisions. Access class data to know when students are watching assigned content, when they drop off, and which parts they rewatch.

Video Q&A

Video Q&A

Take remote class participation to the next level. With Numerade, you can allow students to ask anonymous questions and create explanation videos that are available for your whole class to watch asynchronously.

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