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Beat learning loss with our STEM tutoring program

Our online tutoring platform is now free for use in schools. With this free pilot program, your students and teachers will have access to:

  • Over 2 million short-form STEM video lessons created by actual teachers.
  • The ability to ask questions and get video answers from our network of 50k educators.
  • 18 in-depth STEM courses created by actual teachers and professors.
  • Our AI Tutor platform, which provides customized study plans for students.
  • The ability for teachers to easily create content and build their own courses.
Traditional STEM Tutor
Cost per month/student $200/month $4.99/month
Learning Time 4 Hours Unlimited
Subjects Covered 1-2 25
Availability 4 times per month 24/7
AI Custom Quizzes
Expertise Level Undergrad Degree Masters & PhDs

Video lessons, solutions, questions and concepts from the most popular text books

Perfectly Packaged for the Tik Tok Generation

  • Content tagged and instantly discoverable
  • Bite-sized, short form
  • AI-powered discovery and recommendations
  • Immersive, compelling, interactive videos
  • Numerade Discord server with 30,000+ members

Numerade Class for Teachers

Lesson Content

Lesson Content

Create and find videos, assign them to students

Record your own lessons with our simple to use whiteboard video creator and curate lesson playlists from our library of over 2 million STEM videos taught by top educators.

Class Analytics

Class Analytics

What gets measured gets improved

Go deeper than just attendance. Access class data to know when students are watching assigned content, when they drop off during lessons, and which parts they re-watch.

Video Q&A

Video Q&A

Never answer a question more than once again

Take remote class participation to the next level. Allow students to ask anonymous questions. Create explanation videos to each question, available to the whole class.