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Win $10,000 just by studying with Numerade. Get paid to study!

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Enter our Study & Win $10,000

Watch 1 textbook video solutions and get 1 ticket to enter the raffle to win $10,000 in cash prizes. There will be weekly drawings and a grand prize drawing at the end of the school semester in December.

Every 1 textbook video solution watched will get you one ticket. You can accumulate as many tickets you’d like. Each ticket will have a unique code. A ticket will be randomly picked out for each raffle. We reserve the right to disqualify students based on suspicious behaviors.

Tickets are eligible to be entered into weekly raffles in addition to the end of semester grand prize.

Eligible students must have a valid Numerade account. Unsubscribed students will lose all their tickets. Any fake and suspicious accounts will be terminated.

Winning raffle tickets will only be used once for weekly drawing, but can be used for final semester drawing for grand prize.

Winning raffle ticket will be drawn every Sunday at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT live on Zoom/YT live.


How do I collect my winnings?

Your winnings will be deposited into your bank account. You will need to provide your ACH info to us. If you are an international student, your winnings will be sent to your PayPal account. Winners will be prompted for this information.

How do I know tickets are randomly selected?

We work with a 3rd party “A” rated insurance carrier that randomly draws the raffle. They use a state-of-the-art random number generator to do this. They also are not affiliated with Numerade and have no way to see the ticket numbers of our users. There is no way for the system to be unfair since it’s double blind - the entity that picks the numbers has no ability to see our users' tickets.

How do I get tickets into drawings?

Every 1 unique video you watch to completion earns you a ticket. We look at watch activity on these videos to ensure they are actually being viewed to help you learn. If watch activity looks suspicious, we will reserve the right to disqualify you (a video with a 2 sec watch time will not count). We will have more ways for you to earn tickets, stay tuned...

Why are you doing this? Can I never lose? What’s the catch?

We know studying is hard, especially now with distance learning. Cash is also tight for students more so than ever. We want to help make studying a habit while giving you a chance to win some serious money. You really can’t lose and there is no catch. Even if you don’t win a prize, you are learning what you need to get an A in your class.