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Chapter 5

Sentence Equivalence


Problem 1

Possessed of an insatiable sweet tooth, Jim enjoyed all kinds of candy, but he had a special _________ for gumdrops, his absolute favorite.
a. container
b. affinity
c. odium
d. nature
e. disregard
f. predilection

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Problem 2

Although the Wright brothers first attempted flight in 1901 was a _____________ and subsequent efforts similarly ended in failure, they persisted and ultimately made the first successful airplane flight in 1903.
a. fiasco
b. debacle
c. hindrance
d. feat
e. triumph
f. precedent

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Problem 3

The fuel efficiency of most vehicles traveling at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour _________ as the vehicle's speed increases, due to the increased aerodynamic drag placed on the vehicle.
a. equalizes
b. adapts
c. stabilizes
d. diminishes
e. increases
f. wanes

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Problem 4

Despite the vast amount of time Francis dedicated to learning six different languages, he was ____________ communicator; his mastery of vocabulary and grammar failed to redress his inability to construct cogent prose.
a. a florid
b. an inept
c. a prolific
d. an astute
e. a morose
f. a maladroit

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Problem 5

The twins' heredity and upbringing were identical in nearly every respect, yet one child remained unfailingly sanguine even in times of stress while her sister was prone to angry outbursts that indicated an exceptionally choleric ___________.
a. genotype
b. environment
c. physiognomy
d. incarnation
e. temperament
f. humor

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