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Chapter 4

Text Completions


Problem 1

With global interconnectedness on the rise, the conviction of the United States to remain neutral in World War I seemed ever more ________________.
a. presumptuous
b. futile
c. contemptuous
d. pragmatic
e. admirable

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Problem 2

Upon visiting the Middle East in $1850,$ Gustave Flaubert was so _____________ belly dancing that he wrote, in a letter to his mother, that the dancers alone made his trip worthwhile.
a. overwhelmed by
b. enamored of
c. taken aback by
d. beseeched by
e. flustered by

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Problem 3

The human race is a very (i)___________________ species, as the facade of calm that covers our anxiety and (ii) ______________ is flimsy and effortlessly ruptured.
Blank (i)
a. fragile
b. purposeful
c. daring

Blank (ii)
a. terror
b. vulnerability
c. humor

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Problem 4

The practice of purchasing books was primarily a (i) ____________ of the well-to-do until the late 1800 s, when the increased popularity of dime novels, the expansion in the number of bookstores, and the introduction of the paperback made books (ii) ____________ the average man.
Blank (i)
a. conduit
b. prerogative
c. plight
Blank (ii)
a. dislikable to
b. excitable to
c. attainable by

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Problem 5

Increasingly, the boundaries of congressional seats are drawn in order to protect incumbents, as legislators engineer the demographics of each district such that those already in office can coast to (i)____________ victory. Of course, there is always the possibility that the incumbent will face a challenge from within his or her own party. Nevertheless, once the primary is over, the general election is (ii)____________ .
Blank (i)
a. an ineluctable
b. an invidious
c. a plangent
Blank (ii)
a. seldom nugatory
b. remarkably contentious
c. merely denouement

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Problem 6

While more (i)____________ professors continue to insist that video games will never be a
proper object of study, the rising generation of more heterodox academics is inclined to view
such talk as positively (ii)____________ .
Blank (i)
a. pedantic
b. progressive
c. erudite
Blank (ii)
a. antediluvian
b. pusillanimous
c. jejune

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Problem 7

Political predictions generally prove fairly accurate when the presumption that the future will be
similar to the past is (i)____________ . In periods with substantial (ii)____________ in the
political world, however, predictions can be (iii)____________ wrong.
Blank (i)
a. disproved
b. stipulated
c. fulfilled
Blank (ii)
a. upswings
b. insurgencies
c. changes
Blank (iii)
a. thoughtfully
b. perilously
c. carelessly

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Problem 8

Water is one of the few molecules that is less (i)_____________ as a solid than as a
(ii)____________ ; if you need (iii)____________ , just look at the floating ice in your water
Blank (i)
a. intriguing
b. dense
c. aqueous
Blank (ii)
a. vapor
b. plasma
c. liquid
Blank (iii)
a. an illustration
b. an imbibement
c. a discordance

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Problem 9

As Molly was (i)____________ Spanish with her friends before their trip to Chile, she discovered
that although she could comprehend her friends, she could not (ii)_____________ her thoughts
in the (iii)____________ language.
Blank (i)
a. mastering
b. disregarding
c. practicing
Blank (ii)
a. acknowledge
b. articulate
c. disencumber
Blank (iii)
a. inherent
b. objective
c. unfamiliar

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Problem 10

People accustomed to thinking that the human lifespan (i)____________ the outer bounds of
animal longevity tend to dismiss tales of musket balls being found in the shells of living turtles.
Samantha Romney, however, argues that while such stories may be (ii)____________ , some
turtles do indeed exhibit a phenomenon known as “negligible (iii)____________ ,” showing no
signs of aging even as they pass the two-century mark.
Blank (i)
a. belies
b. demarcates
c. antedates
Blank (ii)
a. apocryphal
b. authentic
c. heresy
Blank (iii)
a. rejuvenation
b. superannuation
c. senescence

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